Single Delivery Technology For A Vast Range of Products

Single delivery technology for vast range of products

When choosing the right drug delivery system, flexibility should be an important factor in the decision-making process. The flexibility of a drug delivery system is defined as the ability of a formulation to be applied across multiple different dosage forms. The greater the flexibility of a drug delivery system, the greater the number of unique dosage forms it can be successfully applied to. The flexibility a drug delivery system provides plays a key role in the commercialization of a product; if a delivery system has restricted flexibility, it may limit the potential success of a product, and inevitably the company. One of the only solutions that addresses flexibility concerns is O2W: The Next Generation Water-Solubilizing and Potency Enhancing Formulation.

Based on 15 years of research, Micellae has engineered O2W with unparalleled flexibility, providing partners with unlimited options for their products. O2Ws PEG-free concentrate, powder, and gel formulations are designed with tailored release profiles, including immediate release, tunable release, and extended release, respectively. These platforms can be applied to all varieties of classic and innovative dosage forms for pharmaceutical, medical, health & wellness, and recreational purposes. For example, O2W can help create an edible with a high-potency, fast-acting release profile that is safe, reliable and masks any cannabis taste. On the other hand, O2W can help create a more medically tailored product that can induce the same therapeutic effect as the unformulated version, but with less active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). Given that O2W provides a significantly higher potency compared to the same amount of unformulated API, a tablet can contain a fraction of the API with O2W and can be designed with a tunable release profile. O2Ws flexibility is not only useful but is also advantageous as it allows licensed producers and drug manufacturers the ability to apply their product to innovative dosage forms and not be restricted to traditional dosage forms like capsules, tablets, gels, tinctures, edibles, and beverages. This can help partners diverge from using an ineffective route of administration without compromising therapeutic efficacy and consumer safety.

The engineering behind O2W is unlike any other drug delivery system currently available. Not only is O2W potent, safe, and eco-friendly, but it is also the most flexible drug delivery system, allowing partners to provide consumers with the best product range. To create the best products possible, Micellae will be there every step of the way to first understand you and your product needs, then select the most appropriate formulation and tailor it to your product for easy integration into your manufacturing process, making Micellae the one-stop-shop for meeting all your needs.

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